THEMA is a distributor of pay TV channels to cable, IPTV, DTH, operators and also for mobile packages and OTT.
THEMA helps the development of more than 180 TV channels worldwide and builts strong partnerships with major pay TV platforms in France, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Canada and USA/LATAM.
  • THEMA kicks off 2022 with commercial hits worldwide
    THEMA, a Canal+ Group company is proud and thrilled to share and celebrate the latest commercial achievements and fruitful partnerships outcomes worldwide.
  • Love Nature 4K is launched on Uсom operator in Armenia
    In October, wildlife and animals TV channel in Ultra HD – Love Nature 4K – has become available for the subscribers of Uсom operator in Armenia. Love Nature TV channel in 4K format is now available on button 60 to all the viewers of Ucom TV service on demand.
  • Love Nature’s Wildlife and Nature Programming Now Available to a Wider Audience in Russia on MTS TV-services!
    THEMA RUS is proud to announce the launch of Love Nature, a wildlife and nature brand with linear and streaming channels available in over 135 countries, on Russia’s MTS TV-services. Love Nature’s 4K linear TV channel will now be available to MTS subscribers in IPTV and on the KION multimedia platform. Love Nature, broadcast in Ultra HD definition, expands the list of wildlife content on MTS.
  • THEMA RUS represents MEZZO and MEZZO LIVE HD in Russia and CIS countries
    THEMA, a Canal + International subsidiary, is pleased to announce that as part of the development of the Russian branch of THEMA (THEMA RUS) and consolidation of all the assets of THEMA within one portfolio, the distribution of MEZZO and MEZZO LIVE HD linear TV-channels, as well as their non-linear assets, will be handled by THEMA RUS on the territory of the Russian Federation starting from 1st October 2021, as it was already the case for the territories of Kazakhstan, Armenia and Georgia since 1st January 2021.
  • Ekaterina Yakushenko joins newly revamped THEMA RUS
    As part of the new dimension taken by THEMA RUS (Moscow-based branch of THEMA Group, part of the CANAL+ International Group) managed by Natalya KABIKOVA, Ekaterina YAKUSHENKO is appointed as THEMA RUS Sales Director with immediate effect and is in charge of overseeing, managing and reinforcing all commercial aspects of the THEMA portfolio's - existing and future - channels and video content throughout Russia and all CIS markets.
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